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Field Theory and Process Work

One of the theoretical foundations of Process Work and Deep Democracy is social field theory. It states that individual experiences are symmetric to collective experiences and consequently mirror one another.


Field theory allows us to view our inner lives as unique, with our own psychological and spiritual DNA. Our personal lifemyths partially mirror the world at large.  And vice versa; the conflicts, beauty, pain and happiness in the world can be viewed as “life” interacting with human awareness as one of the elements in the connected universe (#theselfawareuniverse).

Although many belief systems know and describe this process, Process Work and Deep Democracy are unique in the specific interventions used to unfold them in oneself, and facilitate them in groups and communities. These interventions allow individuals to understand their own lives, discover the potential for themselves and the universe, and assist communities and organizations to have more interaction and vibrancy among their parts, bringing out creativity, meaning, and happiness for increased connectivity.


October 9-15


A Hybrid Deep Democracy Intensive Course

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