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This year’s Intensive Course focuses on learning and honing the practice  to facilitate deep authentic collaboration across polarizations, boundaries, borders, historical divides, Global South and Global North, rank and privilege everywhere, and within ourselves.


We are all citizens of our earth - OneFlatRoundWorld. 

We CAN and MUST learn to collaborate.


Learning how to create and facilitate this process is challenging. It forces us into an inner learning journey and transformation, and also requires that we develop a conscious awareness discipline to learn the theory and practice of defined interventions that require a high degree of precision. In high stress situations and heated conflicts, for most people only interventions that are practiced ongoingly will be accessible. Our full immersion Intensive is setting the foundation for such a practice.


We – the community that make up the Deep Democracy Institute, are inviting you to join this year’s Intensive in Amsterdam. We are co-learners from over 30 countries from Africa, South East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the Americas.


We are an informal and ever-changing network of individuals who live and work in…slums as community activists, hospitals as doctors and nurses, families and extended families as leaders, rural areas as farmers, and in business, non-profits, and corporate environments as owners, leaders, or team-members. We are in universities as first year college students and as professors in various disciplines, and we are artists, ordained or non-ordained elders (in many of the world’s religions), government officials, psychologists and consultants. 

Our group is comprised of introverts who identify as being awkward in social settings, extroverts who feel they thrive in groups, and the entire spectrum in between. 


Inclusion for us means co-creating together a space where all voices are heard and we learn to connect to our inner truth and can link it to the process that is happening.


Many of us understand and practice the value of political correctness and many of us understand the value of expressing experiences and beliefs beyond it, or before it 🤣.


We are proud of the wild brew of lived experiences that come together! We invite you to join us and learn and contribute to our shared fermenting process.

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