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Ellen Schupbach, Ph.D.

Max Schupbach, Ph.D.

Ellen and Max co-founded the Deep Democracy Institute with co-learning communities in East and North Africa, North America, Europe, West Asia (formerly known as the Middle East), Ukraine, Russia, and Southeast Asia.


Ellen Schupbach is the executive director of DDI International. Max Schupbach is a founding member of the Process Work and Deep Democracy movements since their beginnings in the Eighties and has been part of co-creating Process Work communities worldwide.


Ellen and Max co-learn with diverse groups across the globe, including Fortune 100 corporations, large and small NGOs, indigenous communities, academic groups, spiritual communities, social- activist groups, grassroots movements, and indigenous communities in Africa, Australia, and Canada.

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Adrien Rogé

is a French film director and an actor, his last short movie won several prices in international films festivals. He works with the help of process work, clean langage and others approaches to write, direct and act stories.  He is creating, implementing and running the filming and technical set up for our mixed Online and F2F sessions.


Anna Gabryjelska, M.A.

is a psychologist and economist based in Warsaw. She facilitates development, conflicts, and creative processes in teams and organizations and works with individuals as psychotherapist and leadership coach. Anna is the dean of students in the DDI training programs.

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Anna Pujol, M.A.

is a facilitator, trainer and coach living in Northern Spain. She is especially interested in working with social polarities through Open Forums and Group Processes. Her passion is to find inspiration from Nature in conflict management.


Anton Yermolenko

is a dreamer, entrepreneur and facilitator from Ukraine. His main passions are building platforms to empower communities, mountain biking and dancing with inner dream figures


Beatrice Leone, Ph.D.

is a facilitator, trainer, and coach based in Southern Italy. She works with grassroots communities, migrants and refugees, artists, social and cultural operators, youth, and policymakers. Facilitating means for her acknowledging and giving space to the most invisible parts within us and in communities to feel and make them alive so that they do not remain rigid and silent.


Emmanuel Karisa Baya, B.A.

is from the Magarini Coast province of Kenya. He is a farmer and founder of the Magarini Children Centre and Organic Farming Demonstration Farm. Emmanuel is a Rotary peace fellow and holds a bachelor’s degree in community development and resource mobilization.


Eva Sanchez, M.A.

is a therapist, trainer, and facilitator based near Barcelona. She facilitates exploration among individuals, organizations, and communities, helping them to find deep meaning in their process of growth and development. Her passion is creativity, movement, and body language


Husna Hamisi, B.A. 

is currently studying in Denmark and Kenya and is the coordinator of Deep Democracy Institute East Africa. Her interests are as broad as her studies, combining Architecture, Process Work, and Cultural Transformation.

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Josef Helbling, Ph.D.

is a processworker, facilitator, and supervisor from Switzerland. He works mainly with individual clients and is reconnecting to the timeless energy of mountains and oceans lately. He is the co-founder of DDI.


Julia Wolfson Ph.D.

coaches and facilitates leaders, teams, and people internationally who are involved in housing, education, and support services, often grappling with inner and outer conflicts. When at home, Julia is living on Ngunnawal/Ngambri lands in Canberra, Australia.

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Magdalena Schatzmann

is a musician, coach, and facilitator, living in the Swiss Alps. In her work and life, she loves to move back and forth between the silence of the mountain world and the vibrant urban life.


Mara Verduin, MSc

is a cultural anthropologist, facilitator, and coach living in Amsterdam. Being passionate about human relationships, nature, and collective leadership she works and co-learns both with grassroots communities and organizations around Europe.


Petra Voss M.A.

is a leadership and organizational consultant and coach based in Germany. She works with individuals, organizations, and communities, specializing in shared leadership, team dynamics, and responsive collaboration structures. Petra is a long-time DDI practitioner and a passionate beginner. 


Ruth Weyermann, Ph.D.

is a therapist and facilitator living in Switzerland, and director of DDI Europe. Her passion includes exploring the wisdom of body symptoms and unfolding the healing power of movements. She is the co-founder of DDI.


Sara Huang, M.A.

is an independent strategic and creative wayfinder. She is a human-centered facilitator and a heart-based consultant who specializes in team leadership. Sara becomes most alive when she crafts transformational spaces for folx to connect, collaborate and experience creative conflict together. Her journey in Processwork began in 2018, after completing the four levels of the Lewis Method, which led her to the vibrant learning environment of DDI. 


Serhiy Riabchuk, M.A. 

lives in Vinnitsya, Ukraine, and runs a web hosting company. He is a DDI diplomate and passionate to apply process work and group facilitation skills in organizational development.


Stephanie Bachmair, M.A. 

lives in Hamburg and is a facilitator and coach in the organizational field (with a special focus on leadership and communication challenges). Stephie is a passionate researcher and practitioner of 'process-oriented' storytelling.

Xenia Kuleshova,.jpg

Xenia Kuleshova, Ph.D. 

is a Russian-born physician and psychologist, living in Switzerland. She is the director of DDI Russia. She is producing films about intercultural relationships.


Yuliya Filippovska, M.A.

is from Kyiv, Ukraine. She fled the war with her four-year-old son and lives temporarily in Geneva now. She is the director of Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine. She has brought the Hub Kyiv social entrepreneurship network and TEDxKyiv conference to Ukraine.

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