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Birthing Our Future

We are partners and guests together with everyone else here on our earth. We learn from the wisdom and essences of our ancestors. We also hope to use our awareness to become ancestors that our future partners can rely on. We hope to leave gifts in measurable progress that can be enjoyed, as well as in collaborative and sustainable attitudes towards all our partners and life as a whole. Learning to co-create and co-facilitate this process is challenging. It forces each of us into an inner learning journey and transformation, which includes:

  • Knowing, owning and appreciating rank and the privileges associated with it. This brings creativity into our lives and relationships, and more understanding about how all of our fates are intertwined.

  • Opening up to our “Dreaming” - the inner voices and experiences we marginalize. This makes our lives multi-dimensional. We can dream about a better future - and long for/mourn the better past that was taken from us. AND we can learn to make the changes together now!

  • Working with “quantum flirts” – flickering experiences like the glimpse of a flower in the middle of a concrete world can subtly alter our moods. These experiences show us the intelligence of our connectedness. We can discover new life emerging, and a sense of hope in the midst of nihilism and resignation.

Our inner work and the ability to lead and facilitate mirror each other. Learn how to bring these processes into relationships, teams and communities by

  • Unfolding rank and privilege in conflicts, divisions and polarizations.

  • Co-create resolutions - coolspots - by unfolding the dreaming aspects of division and polarization.

  • Framing and expanding “magic” moments in groups so their transcending beauty can become lasting and useful.

Learn to develop and practice a conscious process-oriented awareness discipline. Learn the theory and practice of Process-oriented Inner Work and defined group interventions that require a high degree of precision. Enhance collaboration by developing your personal facilitation style. Deep Democracy Facilitation is meant to show the multi-dimensionality of community life, make space for spontaneous human warmth in the midst of conflicts, and forward unlikely connections across divisions and borders. Our full immersion Intensive in a highly diverse learning community creates a great foundation to work on your personal vision and the practice of your style and talent to improve collaboration within our world.

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October 9-15


A Hybrid Deep Democracy Intensive Course

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