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We are visitors on our earth. We CAN and MUST learn to collaborate. Learning how to co-create and co-facilitate this process is challenging. It forces us into an inner learning journey and transformation, which include

  • Knowing, owning and appreciating our rank and the privileges associated with it. It brings creativity into our lives and relationships, and flattens the world.

  • Opening up to our “Dreaming”, our inner voices and experiences which we marginalize. It makes our lives multi-dimensional, and the world rounder.

  • Working with “quantum flirts” – the flickering experiences like the glimpse of a flower in the middle of a concrete world changing subtly our mood. It shows us the intelligence of our connectedness and makes the world One.

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Our inner work and our ability to lead and facilitate mirror each other. Learn how to bring these processes into relationships, teams and communities by

  • Unfolding rank and privilege in conflicts, divisions and polarizations.

  • Co-create resolutions - coolspots - by unfolding the dreaming aspects of division and polarization.

  • Framing and expanding “magic” moments in groups so their transcending beauty can become lasting and useful.

Learn to develop and practice a conscious process-oriented awareness discipline. Learn the theory and practice of Process-oriented Inner Work and defined group interventions that require a high degree of precision. Enhance collaboration by developing your personal facilitation style. Deep Democracy Facilitation is meant to show the multi-dimensionality of community life, make space for spontaneous human warmth in the midst of conflicts and forward unlikely connections across divisions and borders. Our full immersion Intensive in a highly diverse learning community creates a great foundation to work on your vision and the practice of your style and talent to improve collaboration in our world.

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