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We look forward to our Intensive in Amsterdam,

in the Tolhuistuin,

a great venue that one can reach with Amsterdam’s most popular and maybe shortest ferry ride, with boats leaving every few minutes. 


Amsterdam is known for its art and its openness to many liberal ideas. Among international change makers, it is often acknowledged as a Global North Center, studying aspects of collaboration. For many of us, Netherlands has also a painful past as a colonial power, and in the view of many of the diverse communities that live in the Netherlands, needs to work on how this past is present now and how to address the Inclusion, Equity and Diversity issues that are present. 

We are grateful to our Amsterdam DDI colleagues, the team on the ground, Sara Huang and Mara Verdun, and thankful to all colleagues and friends in the Netherlands that have supported us in the past and support us now. Sara and Mara have put together a list of accommodations and things to see in Amsterdam, which you will get when you register. They are also in charge of visa support, if you need one.

Each of our yearly Intensive Courses is unique and cannot be replicated.


Issues that globally challenge everyone and local hotspots and beauties show their interrelatedness.   Our Intensives happen once a year, each time in a different city: past locations Kyiv, Barcelona, Yerevan - the Capital of Armenia, Paris, Bangkok, Berlin, Cairo, San Francisco, and Otranto - a coastal town in Southern Italy.


Join us, dear friend, regardless of your previous knowledge, and add YOUR perspective, voice and presence, so we can learn and teach together how to facilitate collaboration everywhere, but especially in areas where it seems hopeless.


We recommend all who are not familiar with acquiring a Schengen Visa to get in touch with them at

as soon as possible.

Online Participation 


We are aware that there are many factors that will hinder participants to join in person. You have the possibility to take a portion of our Intensive online. It will include:

Daily recording of morning theory for download

Daily download of small group exercises

Depending on the number of online participants, you have the possibility to participate in a small group with other participants in your timezone to debrief the exercise either via zoom, email, or WhatsApp.

You can send in your questions and concerns daily, and members of our faculty will answer.

Our hybrid meetings where face-to-face participants and online participants interact in real time with each other.

Downloading round table discussions, and possible public open forums.

Online Participation 
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