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Intensive Themes 2022

Decolonialization of Our World  and Our Micro-World

Hello, welcome (!) living and learning together - with ourselves and each other
Multiverses, Inner Diversity and Childhood Dreams
Diverse Ways of Knowing and Understanding, and using our Knowledge

Intergenerational issues

Tradition  and Freedom in Families  and Communities

Food, Poverty, Inflation, Economics

 and Class

Geopolitics  and Ukraine

Crises, Purpose and Resilience, Inner and Outer Wars, End of All Wars

Social Justice, Marginalization, Spirituality

Rank, Privilege, Dreams  and Relationships, and Oneness

Im- and Emigration – Refugees

Home  and Homelessness/Boundaries, Borders  and Oneness
Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Self-Respect, Self-Love

Pandemic and Health  

and Addictions

Loneliness  and Community - Life, Death, Purpose  and Joy, Parallel Worlds of Healing and diverseMedical Systems

Careers and Corruption 

 and Kissing the Frog

The Crack in Everything –
Your Childhood Dream, Your Dreaming Path and Your Impact

Find the Light, Follow the Light, Be the Light, Give your Gifts

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