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Birthing Our Future

Our Nature, Our Ancestors, Our Youth

Nutshell Take-Away from this Intensive

New applications of precise Deep Democracy interventions to facilitate highly diverse often polarized communities and teams.

​New and detailed applications of Inner Work practices to stay centered and resilient during inner and outer crises situations.

Specific skills and strategies to facilitate and resolve conflicts where the opposing party does not want to collaborate.

New perspectives and practices for facilitating collaboration across intersections of oppressive systems: racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, Global North paradigm centrality, etc.

​Enhanced creativity from seeing how our diverse members from various cultures apply DD and PW.



Process Work is multi-dimensional whole system approach, discovering the natural flow of evolution hidden behind polarizations and conflicts. Facilitators and leaders are supported to develop eldership, which is the ability to hold and facilitate hotspots. Eldership also means to co-create natural dialogue spaces by developing a deep understanding of the processes of diverse, often polarized stakeholders. 
You will learn to use your awareness to notice and frame the natural occurrence of unity present in every system, understand different phases in long-term consensus processes, and work with a system in each of these phases.
The personal and ”spiritual” development of the facilitator has a large focus in our Intensives, as does the facilitation of daily large group processes of our learning community. We consider fluidity in inner work and accuracy in applying skills in group work as closely connected prerequisites for successful facilitation and leadership. 
We understand “spiritual development” as a search of the facilitator to discover their deeper purpose in this life and relate it to a larger whole according to their own awareness and experiences.
Our training has been portrayed as useful by diverse people and groups with meditation practioners, athletes, health workers, institutions, and governments. Because of this view, we feel a connection and camaraderie with sisters and brothers in the fields of organizational development, social movements, governments, technological innovation, and psychology. 
We learn with and from - and work together - with various religious communities worldwide, such as (in alphabetical order) Assyrian, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Indigenous Spiritualities, Muslim, and Yezidi communities.
We sense that we also share a wholeness, evolving towards more awareness about ourselves and one another, more mutual understanding, greater respect, and, finally, better collaboration. 
Given the diversity on this planet, this is a handful!
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Deep Democracy  (also called Process Work):

It is a global, whole system approach to facilitate change, self-realization and self-discovery for individuals, families, teams, organizations, and governments. 
It is a new paradigm developed by Arnold Mindell that brings out the deepest selves of individuals, the underlying spirits of teams and organizations, and the invisible unity that is present in the midst of diversity, conflict, and strife. 
It can also be considered a project in developing urban shamanism. 
It can be used to coach individuals, facilitate teams and organizations, and lead and support national and international processes across communities and borders. 
It is a community building approach and a conflict resolution model that works with the entirety of information that is present within a system – and it is more than that. 
It is a scientific model that integrates perspectives from physics, psychology, and complexity science.
For those of us who are searching for awareness and meaning in difficulties, conflicts, and challenges
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Join our international learning community from Global South and Global North to study, learn and practice awareness-based interventions and attitudes to create, facilitate and impact collaboration across ALL divides - inside yourself and outside in your community and the world.


October 9-15


A Hybrid Deep Democracy Intensive Course

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