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Paris, France
October, 11-17



Searching Happiness

Life Purpose, Meaning and the Pursuit of Happiness -
in the Midst of Crises and Conflicts at the Intersection
of a Multiverse of Worldviews and Truths

7 Day Deep Democracy Leadership,

Coaching and Facilitation Intensive

Happiness research is becoming a central aspect of the sustainable development movement. The UN and partners found that  


social support


health and life expectancy


the freedom to make life choices




freedom from corruption


wealth (to some extent)

are key factors in the global measurement of happiness and satisfaction.

How diverse cultures, religions, communities, and each of us as individuals define and also experience happiness differs greatly. According to many researchers, these differences are to a great extent responsible for the lacking collaboration to address global challenges such as pandemics, climate change, global equity and social justice. making them key drivers for conflicts and wars.


This year’s Intensive has happiness research as a focus 

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Research recognizes that awareness and collaboration for resolving conflicts between communities with histories of war and oppression might be the most effective and sustainable road not only for survival, but also for shared, yet diverse experiences of well-being and happiness.


Process Work and Deep Democracy are approaches that naturally align with groups and communities that look for alternatives to a “universally accepted”, growth oriented belief system based on the notion that the Global North’s concept of development is the royal path.


Join us to work on the dreaming level of our individual lives, and re-discover the unique path and approach to living that is right for you. Learn to facilitate community experiences to re-discover its nature, essence and momentary expressions. Research with everyone together how to de-colonize our worldviews and find new creative ways in the search for happiness.

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Come join us
to research this question
and find diverse individual
and community answers for it


 We aspire to co-create and co-facilitate  with you multiple spaces - pluriverses - for interactions between individuals, cultures, communities, viewpoints, value systems and religions.

We dream to expand our awareness of who we are as individuals and as a collective, to be present and flow with the changes that have happened and are happening. We apply Arnold Mindell’s Deep Democracy approach to self, relationship and community discovery. The stations along that journey might include conflict, disagreement, love, tension, affect, detachment, and collaboration.

We dream of a world in which individual identities and histories, inner conflicts and outer polarizations, community problems and global crises are the raw material on our work benches. Working on this material which includes conflict and the mutual spontaneous learning that arise from it, raises our awareness and brings communion – each with ourselves and for some of us together as a collective. 





Our 2021 DDI Intensive has eldership as a core focus.

Our 2021 DDI Intensive has eldership as a core focus. How can we as individuals and as communities develop not only our skills to facilitate the challenges and pain in our present world, but also to reclaim our inner diversity, experience ourselves as part of the whole and open up and be present in the flow of life with all its beauties and challenges? Can we have moments or phases in which we are able to befriend the energies that are present in polarizations, recognize ourselves in some of the most complicated opponents, and find appreciation (if not gratitude) towards the organizing principle that is emerging in what seems at times to be in such a chaos. If yes, then we consider these moments of eldership that allow us to lead, facilitate, and coach to be sustainable development.


A second focus is on making Deep Democracy our "Practice" –


Making future memories is our third focus.

the principle of appreciating and making space for all of our experiences - measurable, subjective and personal, and elusively magic. Each of our annual Intensive courses is designed to provide an opportunity to meet as practitioners, exercising agility within a larger, diverse, adhoc community to stay present and aware in the natural flow of our Consensus Reality experiences (often connected to rank and power), our Dreaming lives (the hidden shift of energies and experiences, rotational role switching, etc. that bring innovation and newness to our challenges), and the awareness of our essences (the seemingly magical space of connection and oneness beyond our individual and group identities).

Every year, we are a different group in a new location with varying participants and a distinctive constellation. We hope to create the memory of an adventurous journey into the unknown of our 2021 adhoc community. Our purpose with this is to supplement the inspiration of inner guidance and personal research to assist along our journeys in the coming weeks and months.

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Intensive Kyiv 2017.jpeg

The Learning 

Our Learning Community

Typically, the group is composed of about 100 participants from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and the Americas, and includes business and NGO leaders, artists, scientists, politicians, journalists, coaches and therapists, change management experts, and community leaders. Additionally, participants represent different religions and spiritual communities, as well as different political directions. They hold opposing views on just about anything and everything. However, they also share the belief that awareness and facilitation can make our personal development and the development of organizations and nations less difficult and more effective. 

Diverse Learning Dreams 

Our deep democracy Intensives are meant for all people interested in uncovering who they are deep underneath, and how they are blossoming!

We love and try to support you in the awareness phase in which you find yourself. (See more Arnold Mindell, “Conflict: Phases, Forums, And Solutions.”)

This means we respect and support that your momentary passion could be: 

a project development and goal-oriented creation of your vision, the development and practice of political agency, a force meant to wake everyone up around injustices, a deeper wish to understand others better and expand your own identity and/or, of course, to connect to your essence beyond your human form, which is the source of spontaneous creativity.

Collaborative Research in Learning

We are very excited about our fresh concepts in collaborative learning. We add concepts of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and body centered learning experiences, and facilitate new ways of collaborative learning that process and transcend the traditional roles with which many of us have struggled. We will include additional learning methods and tracks for different learning needs and levels of experience; for example, opportunities for participants to experiment with teaching as a method for enhancing learning of concepts, etc. 

Full Immersion!

This is a full immersion learning experience including linear, theoretical learning in mini lecture style, inner work and personal development in dyads, and group facilitation practice with other learners. Daily tutorials will be held for individuals that would like further study of the Process Work paradigm. 

Special daily focus will be placed on your own project development and implementation, and how to apply what you learn to your situation "back home”.  This will interweave organically within the format of large and small group processes. 

There will be opportunities
for individual coaching,
case presentation,
and case studies



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Ellen Schupbach, Ph.D.

Max Schupbach, Ph.D.

Ellen and Max co-founded the Deep Democracy Institute with co-learning communities in East and North Africa, North America, Europe, West Asia (formerly known as Middle East), Ukraine, Russia and South East Asia.


ELLEN SCHUPBACH is the executive director of DDI International. MAX SCHUPBACH is a founding member of the Process Work and Deep Democracy movements since their beginnings in the Eighties, and has be part of co-creating Process Work communities world-wide.


Ellen and Max co-learn with diverse groups across the globe, including Fortune 100 corporations, large and small NGOs, indigenous communities, academic groups, spiritual communities, social- activist groups, grassroots movements, and indigenous communities in Africa, Australia, and Canada.

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Anna Gabryjelska.jpg

Anna Gabryjelska, M.A.

is a psychologist and economist based in Warsaw. She works with individuals and organizations facilitating growth, creative processes and crisis situations. She is especially interested in the potential and beauty of living systems.

Anna Pujol.jpg

Anna Pujol, M.A.

is a facilitator, trainer and coach living in Northern Spain. She is especially passionate about discovering the potential of conflicts in groups. Her work focuses particularly on topics related to gender, climate displacement, and functional diversity. 


Beatrice Leone, Ph.D.

is a facilitator, trainer and coach based in Southern Italy. She is the executive director of DDI Europe. Beatrice works with grassroots communities, organizations and policy makers in the fields of civic involvement and social and urban regeneration.


Emmanuel Karisa Baya, B.A.

is from the Magarini Coast province of Kenya. He is a farmer and founder of the Magarini Children Centre and Organic Farming Demonstration Farm. Emmanuel is a Rotary peace fellow, and holds a bachelor’s degree in community development and resource mobilization.


Eva Sanchez, M.A.

is a therapist and facilitator living in Barcelona, Spain. She holds degrees in Social Education, Dance-Movement Therapy and Art Therapy. Eva considers herself an eternal learner, passionate about creativity, nature, movement and human relationships.


Husna Hamisi, B.A. 

is heading the coordination team of this Intensive in Paris. She is currently studying in Denmark and Kenya and is the coordinator of Deep Democracy Institute East Africa. Her interests are as broad as her studies, combining Architecture, Process Work, and Cultural Transformation.

Josef Helbling, Ph.D

Josef Helbling, Ph.D.

is a psychotherapist, facilitator and supervisor from Switzerland. Josef is the Dean of Students in the DDI training programs. 

Magdalena Schatzmann.jpg

Magdalena Schatzmann

is a musician, coach and a host of a retreat space on her farm. She loves helping individuals to discover their deepest creativity, whenever possible outdoors in nature. She plays concerts, creates music and gives workshops. 

Petra Voss_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Petra Voss, M.A.

is a leadership and organizational consultant and coach based in Germany. She works with individuals, organizations and communities, specializing in leadership and team dynamics. Petra is also a long-time practitioner and lover of dance of all kinds!

Ruth Weyermann, Ph.D.jpg

Ruth Weyermann, Ph.D.

is a therapist and facilitator, and director of DDI Europe. Her interests include exploring the wisdom of body symptoms and unfolding the healing power of movements.  


Stephanie Bachmair, M.A. 

lives in Hamburg and is a facilitator and coach in the organizational field (with a special focus on leadership and communication challenges). Stephie is a passionate researcher and practitioner of 'process-oriented' storytelling.

Xenia Kuleshova,.jpg

Xenia Kuleshova, Ph.D. 

is a Russian born physician and psychologist, living in Switzerland. She is the director of DDI Russia. She is producing films about intercultural relationships.


Yuliya Filippovska, M.A.

lives in Kyiv and is the director of Deep Democracy Institute, Ukraine. She has brought the Hub Kyiv social entrepreneurship network and TEDxKyiv conference to Ukraine.

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Day 1

Hi – Whazzup

Happiness Research.  Our group. Into the midst of things. Social support for individuals and roles. Deep Democracy Group Process, and the inner and outer process to be our whole selves.

Day 2

Social Activism, Life Choices + Life Purpose

Deep Democracy group process as a theory, practice and answer to the request for freedom of life choices. 

Day 3

Generosity, Eldership, Rank + Privilege

Generosity emerges as a key aspect of happiness. Rank + Privilege. Self-love. Eldership and Presence with Pain. Escalation and De-escalation in Conflict Resolution. Hungry Ghosts.

Day 4

Diversity – Equity- Inclusion and your Pluriverse – Bringing your life-myth into form

Day 5

Wellness, Health and Health Equity

Day 6

Wealth, Community, Relationships
and Co-Learning Happiness

Day 7

Purpose, Meaning + Opportunities

Survival, fate and destiny for individuals, communities and all beings we share this life with.

Re-Searching Happiness_1.jpg


(also called Process Work)
Is a global, whole system approach to facilitate change, self-realization and self-discovery for individuals, families, teams, organizations, and governments. 
It is a new paradigm developed by Arnold Mindell that brings out the deepest selves of individuals, the underlying spirits of teams and organizations, and the invisible unity that is present in the midst of diversity, conflict, and strife. 
It can also be considered a project in developing urban shamanism. 
It can be used to coach individuals, facilitate teams and organizations, and lead and support national and international processes across communities and borders. 
It is a scientific model that integrates perspectives from physics, psychology, and complexity science.
It is a community building approach and a conflict resolution model that works with the entirety of information that is present within a system – and it is more than that. 
For those of us who are searching for awareness and meaning in difficulties, conflicts, and challenges,


Process Work is multi-dimensional whole system approach, discovering the natural flow of evolution hidden behind polarizations and conflicts. Facilitators and leaders are supported to develop eldership, which is the ability to hold and facilitate hotspots. Eldership also means to co-create natural dialogue spaces by developing a deep understanding of the processes of diverse, often polarized stakeholders. 
You will learn to use your awareness to notice and frame the natural occurrence of unity present in every system, understand different phases in long-term consensus processes, and work with a system in each of these phases.
The personal and ”spiritual” development of the facilitator has a large focus in our Intensives, as does the facilitation of daily large group processes of our learning community. We consider fluidity in inner work and accuracy in applying skills in group work as closely connected prerequisites for successful facilitation and leadership. 
We understand “spiritual development” as a search of the facilitator to discover their deeper purpose in this life and relate it to a larger whole according to their own awareness and experiences.
Our training has been portrayed as useful by diverse people and groups with meditation practioners, athletes, health workers, institutions, and governments. Because of this view, we feel a connection and camaraderie with sisters and brothers in the fields of organizational development, social movements, governments, technological innovation, and psychology. 
We learn from and work together with various religious communities worldwide, such as (in alphabetical order) Buddhist, Christian, Indigenous Spirituality, Muslim, and Yezidi communities.
We sense that we also share a wholeness, evolving towards more awareness about ourselves and one another, more mutual understanding, greater respect, and, finally, better collaboration. 
Given the diversity on this planet, this is a handful!

Start - Monday, October 11: 10:00am
End - Sunday, October 17: 1:00 pm


Auberge de jeunesse Hi Paris Yves Robert
20 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute (in front of/en face du 43 street/rue Pajol), Paris, 75018



Intensive times:

Course fee:

Face-to-face 1150 Euro,

online 680 Euro 

+ working scholarships are available, 

please contact us!


The fee for online participation is 680 Euro .
Please apply for scholarships!

Online Participation 

We are aware that there are many factors that will hinder participants to join in person. You have the possibility to take a portion of our Intensive online. It will include:


Daily recording of morning theory for download


Daily download of small group exercises


Depending on the number of online participants, you have the possibility to participate in a small group with other participants in your timezone to debrief the exercise either via zoom, email, or WhatsApp.


You can send in your questions and concerns daily, and members of our faculty will answer.


2 - 3 hybrid meetings where face-to-face participants interact in real time with online participants.


Downloading round table discussions, and possible public open forums.