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Unity in


Your Life-myth, Your Learning, Your Teaching:
Collaborative learning at the intersection of personal history, culture, and traditional role concepts.
Religion and Religiosity:
Diversity of the experience of the divine at the intersection of religious systems.
Aliens at the Intersection:
Identity, dreaming and essence of the facilitator at the intersection of vertical and horizontal communities.
Globalization and Sovereignty:
Mainstreaming of first world economical, psychological, and spiritual evolution paradigm (corruption, democracy, social justice, sovereignty, sexuality).
Avant-Garde and Community Development:
Political agency and facilitation.
Relationships and Money:
Social, psychological and spiritual ranks at the intersection of diverse paradigms of family, relationship, and money.
Intergenerational Relationships:
Family and timespirits.
Your Impact:
Vision, second training, inner critics, skills, and networking.

is a therapist and facilitator, and director of DDI Europe. Her interests include exploring the wisdom of body symptoms and unfolding the healing power of movements.  

is a psychotherapist, facilitator and supervisor from Switzerland. Josef is the Dean of Students in the DDI training programs. 

is a Russian born physician and psychologist, living in Switzerland. She is the director of DDI Russia. She is producing films about intercultural relationships.

lives in Kyiv and is the director of Deep Democracy Institute, Ukraine. She has brought the Hub Kyiv social entrepreneurship network and TEDxKyiv conference to Ukraine.

is based in Warsaw, Poland. She is working with business, organizations, NGOs, and public institutions worldwide, facilitating change in multicultural communities. She is completing her Ph.D. on the topic of leadership, organizational culture and change. 

owns and runs elder communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and writes about re-visioning aging and a Process Work view of forgetfulness (dementia). 

is the author of "Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services". She is based in Australia and facilitates and coaches worldwide change processes, many of them in connection with Human Services.

co-founded the Processwork Institute Barcelona. She works internationally in diverse settings including social and environmental justice. She lives in the Findhorn Foundation ecovillage.



Is a global, whole system approach to facilitate change, self-realization and self-discovery for individuals, families, teams, organizations, and governments. 
It is a new paradigm developed by Arnold Mindell that brings out the deepest selves of individuals, the underlying spirits of teams and organizations, and the invisible unity that is present in the midst of diversity, conflict, and strife. 
It can also be considered a project in developing urban shamanism. 
It can be used to coach individuals, facilitate teams and organizations, and lead and support national and international processes across communities and borders. 
It is a scientific model that integrates perspectives from physics, psychology, and complexity science.
It is a community building approach and a conflict resolution model that works with the entirety of information that is present within a system – and it is more than that. 




English, with Thai translation

Start - Tuesday, October 15: 10:00am
End - Tuesday, October 22: 1:00pm

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